Person with ME



I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and suspected CFS, as the beginning of 2012 is with us. I do not feel at all excited about the year ahead of me!

Iím 25 years old and this time last year I was happy and healthy enough to run around with my 2 little girls!

I begun to feel really tired but not just your average tired that complete exhaustion, no matter how long I slept or what I did took this feeling away.

I went to the doctors and had the normal blood test routine they put you through before they even begin to believe how you are feeling.

Then I started to get pains in my shoulder and hips, pains in my feet like I was walking on marbles. No matter what I did or what I took I still felt ill!

I am now beginning to loose my friends as they donít want to constantly hear me moaning about the pain Iím in!  My doctor has now referred me to see a specialist CFS doctor and again Iím having more blood tests but the appropriate ones this time round! Iím now having to balance my life around this illness, but then that comes normally to me anyway as my mum has M.E as well (which she contracted while pregnant with me) but to actually have it myself I feel like my world has ended.

I hope that in the near future doctors and specialists will learn more about M.E and maybe a diet or something to aid us!