Person with ME
Cindy's Story


I'm not sure when my symptoms started, but I'm sure I never fully recovered from EBV (mono) when I was 11 years old.

I remember extremely tired days, after school I napped, ate dinner and went to bed early on most days.

My mother said I slept more than anyone in the world. I had to deal with multiple teen deaths my 11th and 12th grade. Which caused me to deal with depression and anxiety the rest of my life.

I've had multiple infections I thought were the flu. My fever once reached 104.2. No convulsions, surprisingly.

I am a nurse of 17 years which hasn't been able to work for over 4 years now. Being in the medical profession I am angered and embarrassed by the way I'm treated with this illness. I haven't had relief of any symptoms for a very long time. At the moment my cognition is getting so bad that I feel I must be going crazy.

On top of that, I am losing ground, literally. I have lost my balance and must hold onto things to move about my home. I feel like I'm dying a slow death and I'm the only one who can see it..

My hope....I have an appointment with a new FM/ME/CFS specialist very soon.

My story seems short, but I'm sure you all know and can read between my lines here. I do try to stay positive, especially any time I post for others to read.

Today being Thanksgiving I'll share with you what I'm thankful for: for being of sound enough mind to know I'm not going crazy!

 For the people who love me and want to see be better, for my 2 dogs that give me unconditional love and even know when mommy's not feeling well and try to make me feel better with extra TLC. I'm thankful for my strong will and my "need" in my heart to help others. It's who I am! .