Person with ME


I have been suffering M.E. now for 15 years.

I took it out of a very bad flu. I was working at the time and didn't stop with the flu just carried on. At the end of the three weeks I got soaked to the skin and next morning could not rise, was in bed with it for the first year and that was the start of this dreaded illness which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. But I have no enemies.

It is a real struggle every day with it trying to cope. My muscles, joints all ache, bad headaches, very bad brain fog which is very hard to cope with. Very bad concentration, feel as if nothing in your head works a cotton wool feeling. Hate making decisions full stop. Can't think straight. The fatigue never gives up.

If you do anything out of the ordinary like stay up a bit later as an example you pay up for it. I have went through many operations and other health complaints but to me M.E. has been the worst to put up with. It never lets up or gives you a break.

It is definitely not in the mind it really exists.

It would help if you had a supportive family who understood it but mine are not that kind of family. It is not a nice illness to have.