Person with ME


Well it all started about 4 years ago when I was trying to complete my A-Levels and I was struck with Glandular fever. I was so unwell that I was taken into hospital and my white blood cell count was almost 0 which was quite dangerous. I was in there for a week and when I came home it was a long time til I recovered almost completely. I only managed to get one A-Level out of the four I was predicted to get.

When I improved I did have many relapses with viruses I was still able to go on to an Art Foundation and start my degree.

I improved quite dramatically and I have completed two years of my degree, in which I was very carefully not to overdo it too much, but at times I had to. And in my final and third year I was hit with the flu incredibly badly and I was in bed for 3 weeks with it before any signs of improvement.

I managed to go back to uni for two week before Christmas but to no avail. I was really weak and had no energy at all and I was really struggling to get anything done, I was completely exhausted. I spent at least 60% of the day in bed and the rest of the time sitting in front of the TV as it was as much as I could manage.

In the end my tutor told me just to go home and hopefully I would be better after the long Christmas break, but I only seemed to get worse. Some days during the holidays I was able to join in the festive fun but at other times I just had to stay in bed most of the day to recover from what I had done the day before.

Since Christmas I have had to make the decision that I have to leave my course as I am not able to continue. It is a very demanding course and I would have to use machinery and with the tiredness and lack of concentration I have it would not be safe or a good idea.

So at the moment, I have had to move back home into the care of my mum, who is brilliant. I am very depressed that my life is on hold but I am hoping that in the future there is still hope for me to continue with my career. I am spending my days at home sleeping mainly, with the odd break by being able to read books. My mum tries to take me out sometimes but I usually have to come home and sleep straight away.

At the moment I am left with aching muscles, complete exhaustion, loss of concentration, reoccurring infections in my throat, insomnia and depression, among other things. I am still waiting for a proper diagnosis as well as my doctor believes that I have ME and I have had lots and lots of blood tests, etc, but he has referred me to a specialist and I am still waiting for the appointment. I just want it to be diagnosed so that I can know what is wrong with me. I really believe it will help me a lot to have a 'label' so that I know it is not just all in my head. Hopefully the appointment will be soon. It has now been five months since I had the flu that started all this and at the age of 21 it is really disappointing that I am like this. I have a great boyfriend who is very supportive and a brilliant Mum that is looking after me as much as she can as well as having to work. I still believe that there is still a great future ahead of me and I hope that I will improve, just trying to stay positive.