ME sufferer

Age: 36

Diagnosed: 1994


In early 1993 ( I was 23 years old) I had lots of inoculations for my honeymoon the following year.
And things were not too bad until say about Oct 93.
I found I had very little energy and I put it down to being unfit as I was out of work at that time, but desperately looking as I wanted to get a job before I married.
(I moved over to where I am now from Birmingham In Dec 1993).
I fell ill with the flu the same time as Antony, my then boyfriend/ fiancÚ. He got over it, I didn't...

It was a struggle to get the illness (I didn't know what was wrong with  me then.) recognized by my doctor who I had at that time. He kept saying post viral fatigue after affects of the flu and this went on and on until the time went fast and my wedding day came.

I managed to get through the day with lots of energy. I don't know how. Nervous energy I think.

Then on the way back from an airport in the Caribbean we bought a paper, Daily Express, to read on the plane ride home and we saw an article on M.E. in there. It was talking about M.E. in children, but we both recognized the symptoms straight away.

I went straight back to the doctor after writing the Action for M.E. for info and went in with leaflets, but they wouldn't have it that M.E. existed, let alone that I was suffering from it. He sent me a shrink. I am not too sure why . I think he thought I was depressed. Then he sent me to a bereavement councillor. He thought a lot of deaths in 93 was the
reason I was ill.

I was annoyed at the time and all this walking about didn't help my health at all..., and I didn't bother pursuing it as I
was leaving the area and changing doctors anyway.

So after going to 2! different doctor's surgery's, I found one that at least believed in M.E. and seemed understanding towards it. I stopped with him and he referred me to a specialist in my new local area . He said my brain was dying after giving me such silly tests, like what's the capital of some country I had never heard of, and couldn't tell him anyway if I was healthy!

So then I went back and told our GP what had happened and he referred me elsewhere, and this one was much more understanding towards M.E and did lots of various tests and in June 94 I was diagnosed, after ruling everything else out, with M.E. and it still goes on.

I am better mentally now. I at least have support from friends and my Internet friends which makes up a bit for the lack of family support we get.
I have to use a wheelchair or scooter when I do go out but week days I am housebound when my husband is at work, but I don't let it get me down as its been this way since I first got ill in 1993 (and the Internet and emails helps me cope :-) but you never get used to it..

My hopes for the future I so wish for a cure for us all and I so want my life back after 13 years being stuck in (not constantly but you know what I mean) I want some freedom back as you never get used to it

I do so wish to one day be able to afford for us to move as I hate living so far from my family. I live over a hour from them all the internet and my online friends does help me cope.

it is a huge struggle each day as I hate being housebound and hate the constant pain and fatigue ( you never get used to that) but at least I can get out at odd weekends when I have a good patch ( and when my hubby's home).
I am one of the lucky ones - some are fully housebound

Thanks all my Internet friends and email friends for all your support (I couldn't cope without you all:-).
Its nice knowing I am not alone

...and also a big for my hubby Antony for his support