ME sufferer
Di Newman


Diagnosed: 1994


Diagnosed with "very severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) 80% disabled" after becoming profoundly ill in 1994, with what followed a "severe bout of flu":

* Unable to barely move my legs, arms and hands (they'd become 'deformed, bent and ridged'), horrendous muscle cramp / spasms. Unable to straighten legs, fingers, hands or feet.
* Unable to chew / sallow food, tolerate light or noise, nor able to raise my head because of the most unbearable pain in head, neck and upper spin.
* Covered by boils with a severe case of shingles - and affected by aquired Dyspraxia and Ataxia, with profound,
disabling confusion and blackouts - unfortunately, at the time, it was all put down to my "age" by the NHS (ripe old-age of 44yrs!:O).
Fortunately, later on, I was able to see a private ME Consultant Specialist for a number of years - otherwise, there'd be little, if any notes my NHS Medical Records relating to M.E. or how ill I had been, nor how long any improvements took, over the past 12 years.
In 2000, I founded a M.E. Group on the principle of 'Knowledge is Empowerment.' We glean bona-fide information for our newsletters and promote M.E. Charities demonstrating their interest at heart of the thousands of M.E. affected by M.E.
Thereby, we welcome and support INVEST in ME and all those aboard and look forward to promoting their sterling work in our future newsletters and hospital displays.
Just to add, a huge 'Thank you' for bringing the M.E. World's absolute best 'Great and the Good' together for the M.E. Week 2006 Conference and making it accessible to all -something that has not happened before on this scale.
With kind regards

Di Newman