Newspaper Articles and Web References

The following list details noteworthy newspaper articles which have been published - in reverse chronological order. Please contact us if you have articles to be presented here.


Aftenposten Norway

A Mother cares for three children with ME


The Independent Selects IiME as Best 2013 Christmas Card

Julie-Ann Gylaitis' Christmas card selection wins the Independent selection for 2013.


Invest in ME - Sensationalism versus Science?

Margaret Williams and Malcolm Hooper respond to media assault on people with ME in Sunday Times article.


Invest in ME - Coventry & Warickshire In Business

C&W in business is the official business publication of Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, one of the West Midlands most successful business associations, with a bi-monthly circulation of 5,000 and a broad readership of over 20,000.






26-04-2011 Eastern Daily Press

EDP update on Invest in ME plans for an examination and research facility for ME in Norwich, UK. read more





BPress release from European ME Alliance calling for a total ban on blood donations from ME patients in Europe is publicised in The Medical News read more


03-08-2010 Eastern Daily Press

EDP reports on Invest in ME plans for an examination and research facility for ME in Norwich, UK. read more


New Zealand's blood banks plan to reject donors with a record of ME. The move follows research overseas which has raised concerns about the potential for a recently identified virus XMRV to spread through blood transfusions." read more



April 2010 Canadian Blood Services Responds to Possible New Blood Safety Threat

"we are changing the way we manage donors such that any donor who has a medical history of CFS will be indefinitely deferred from donating blood." read more



April 2010 Canada Blood Service Bans ME Patients from Giving Blood


Whilst the UK government and the Medical Research Council still allow ME to be portrayed as a somatoform illness Canadian authorities have banned ME patients from donating blood - such is the fear of contamination of the blood supply due to the viral elements at work in ME. read more



Because of concern over the potential for widespread infection and preliminary evidence that XMRV is transmitted similarly to HIV, officials are quickly trying to determine if action is needed to protect the blood supply read more



Invest in ME response to BMJ Editorial. read more



and unpublished response to the same BMJ Editorial from Horace Reid. read more



Whittemore Peterson Institute researcher makes major breakthrough in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome website. read more



Invest in ME request "nonsensical poll" to be removed from Daily Mail website. read more



BBC online carries the news of the breakthrough in understanding the cause of ME due to research by the WPI. read more


The invisible sufferers of ME (Aison Chiesa)


The Daily Mail's thisismoney column shows one ME sufferer's problems with the insurance company Swiss Life and UnumProvident. read more


BBC online carries the news of the verdict of the inquest into the death of Sophia Mirza from ME. read more



New Scientist online - carries the story of the first case of death in the UK of an ME patient...... read more



NS reporter Rowan Hooper was at the IiME ME Conference 2006 in London and interviewed several of the presenters. This is his update on work by Dr. Jonatahan Kerr...... read more


16-05-2006 Daily Mail


After the IiME ME Conference 2006 the Daily Mail references the conference and refers to two of the speakers at the conference..... read more


21 July 2005 New Scientist


Chronic fatigue is not all in the mind.
The New Scientist published a review of the research carried out by Dr. Jonathan Kerr at St George's University of London
regarding gene expression more


31-May-2005 Kidderminster Shuttle


A Day In The Life Of Nicola Winnall

Following from the Kidderminster Shuttle Nicola used to ski, cycle and

canoe.  Now she can barely get out of her bed.
From the archive, first published Tuesday 31st May 2005.
.... read more