The M.E. Conference 2006
An Update on Clinical Diagnosis, Research Trends and Educational Support

on 12th May 2006 in London

Conference Review Why a conference? Why London? Why 12th May? Why ME Awareness Month? Details of Conference

The conference was given the maximum 6 points CPD (Continuous Professional Development) accreditation by the Royal Colleges.

The conference provided a chance to hear the latest news on ME from the most prominent speakers within the ME community - on ME Awareness Day, in ME Awareness Month 2006.

Our hope for conference was to highlight the need for publicly funded biomedical research which would lead to treatment and a cure for this devastating illness - an illness which is about 5 times more common in the UK than HIV/AIDS.

See the Conference Synopsis from Doris Jones - click here.


Details of the ME Conference 2006


One Birdcage Walk, Westminster, London - click here for a map reference. 360 Virtual Tour.
NOTE: wheelchair places in the conference lecture theatre are limited by the venue owners. Please check before registration.


Professor Malcolm Hooper Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Sunderland See details
Dr. Byron Hyde Nightingale Research Foundation See details
Dr.Bruce Carruthers Principal Author of the Canadian Guidelines See details
Jane Colby Former Head Teacher; Executive Director of Tymes Trust See details
Dr. Jonathan Kerr Sir Joseph Hotung Senior Lecturer in Inflammation, St George's University of London See details
Professor Basant Puri Consultant at Hammersmith Hospital See details
Dr. Ian Gibson MP MP for Norwich North and chair of the Proposed Inquiry into ME See details

Conference Programme

Registrations - from 08:15 - 09:00 on 12th May 2006 in the Marble Hall reception.

Conference Start Time: The conference will begin at 09:00 and will finish at 17:00.





Welcome/Opening Address

Invest in ME

Key Note: The Independent Parliamentary Inquiry

Update on progress made and outcomes.

Dr. Ian Gibson MP

Definitions and Aetiology _

The importance of diagnostic criteria.

Dr. Bruce Carruthers

Coffee/Tea Break 

Research Overview:

Summary of “Key Findings” of past bio‑medical research.

Professor Malcolm Hooper

Children and Education:

Incidence, clusters and specific problems of youngsters with M.E.

Jane Colby


The epidemiology, definitions and techniques of investigation of the ME and CFS patient and the resulting pathological findings

Dr. Byron Hyde

Coffee/Tea Break 

Research: Viral and Human Gene Expression, development of diagnostic test, news of clinical trials

Dr. Jonathan Kerr


Lipid Neuroscience - an overall picture of (and links to) other treatments/research

Professor Basant Puri

The Way Forward followed by Open Forum


Proposed topics for educational support and future research with reasons why.

Dr. Bruce Carruthers
Prof. Malcolm Hooper
Dr. Byron Hyde

Dr. Jonathan Kerr

Jane Colby

Prof. Basant Puri

Adjourn               Possible ad-hoc discussions in Marble Hall


Why a Conference?

Invest in ME is about education, publicising and lobbying regarding the treatment of ME sufferers in the UK and regarding the need for public funding of biomedical research into ME.

In recent years there are many of us who feel that ME Awareness Week (as it has become) has passed with too little public attention gained, little co-ordination of events and limited success in rallying people behind our cause, all of which has produced little or no long term benefit for the ME sufferers.

Therefore, we considered how we could complement all the on-going good efforts and attract a much larger interest from professionals in the medical, healthcare, academic and media worlds that could also raise the profile politically.  Since IiME had forged links with academia and some politicians, we thought that a public event to expose current activities to a wider audience would be of benefit to all.

We believe it is important to provide a possibility for people within government, health departments, social services and schools to be able to be informed of the true nature of ME. By attracting some of the most powerful speakers possible, at one conference, we believe we can gain much publicity and awareness of ME as possible.

Why London?

We chose London to attract major presenters, to allow the possibility for known professionals and researchers to attend and focus attention on raising awareness in the heart of power in the UK - Westminster. This is where we have chosen the conference venue.

Why ME Awareness Month?

We should focus on more than one day (and on more than one week) in the year for an illness which is more prevalent than people would imagine. Invest in ME are calling on the ME community to create a month of campaigning for ME, with one event following another, up and down the country?
Look at the recent successful McMillan campaign for Cancer. That lasted a whole month and had a campaign (Think Pink) which attracted much publicity and, more importantly, huge funds.

Invest in ME is looking ahead to next May and planning other initiatives.

We would like to see and support many events during the month of May to extend the visibility of this “Hidden National Scandal” to increase public awareness and fund-raising opportunities

Use IIME's Events diary for May 2006 to advertise here of your event. Let us help in organising and assisting in your event. We have regional contacts that could help.

Why 12th May?

12th May is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birthday (who is thought to have suffered M.E. on her return from the Crimea) and is the focal point of ME Awareness Month 2006.