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NRK Norway TV - PULS Programme                                 

This is a story of the Krisner family from Norway. In a  programme from the Norwegian Television channel NRK the story is told of how all of the children in the family are severely affected by ME.


IiME have permission from the NRK Puls programme to show this on our site and we have translated the contents to English.


Once again the urgency that all governments need to show toward this illness is highlighted by a story of how devastating this illness can be to sufferers, and to families.

Thanks to Kjersti Krisner, mother of Bjørnar, Katrine and Frode, for assisting in this.

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NOTE: All rights to NRK programme material ©Copyright 2006 NRK

NOTE: Invest in ME have permission to show this programme on our site and it is on our 2006 Conference DVD. This is copyrighted and may not be copied or redistributed without permission from IiME or the NRK channel.






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