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This section is for part of the repository we hope to build up of useful information on ME. They appear under the Topics of the Week from the front page.



Overcoming the blind ignorance, and the misinformation about ME. Dena Graham tackles head on the prejudice caused by poor education about ME.


A Question of Integrity

Mainstream media are at odds with patient experiences. The 2011 summer barrage of anti-ME articles demonstrates that the establishment is making a coordinated response to the anger and frustration of ME patients who see flawed science keeping them ill.


It's A Funny Old World

Sound-bite healthcare provided by the PACE Trial. An alternative interpretation.

  Blood Products Advisory Committee Meeting Transcript

"Dr Harvey Alterís Closing Remark at the Conference "
  The ME Dilemna

‎"Enteroviruses: Most infections are subclinical or minor - only a few progress to serious illness. Nevertheless they are the major cause of Aseptic Meningitis, Encephalitis, Myelitis, Myositis, Myocarditis, Pancreatitis and Thyroiditis. To the astute clinical mind these are the components of ME syndrome."
  The Status of ME

January 2007 and we review where we are with ME. The status regarding the CMO (click here). The status since the MRC Briefing (click here).
  Epidemics of ME

Much discussed by ME experts in the past this area is conveniently overlooked by health departments.
  Vaccinations, Antibiotics & ME - a link to ME?

One area of investigation has been the role of vaccines and antibiotics in the cases of people with ME. It is a subject that needs more investigation so we have started a section on this subject.
  FINE TRIALS EXPERIENCE - fine for whom?

Read one participant's experiences. A story of how money targeted for ME is being spent.
  HHV-6 and ME - are they connected?

Are M.E. and HHV-6 connected? Is HHV-6 a contributory or causative factor in ME? Recent studies have again raised this issue. Here is an overview of HHV-6 as well as links to more extensive descriptions of this pathogen.
  Enteroviruses - a brief description of what they are

This subgroup of viruses is in the news again. Click the picture on the left.
  ME - EncephalOpathy or just Apathy?

Why is there still doubt in some charities' minds about the correct terminology regarding this illness? IiME's view of the itis vs opathy debate. Click the picture on the left.
  Guidelines - the importance of correct guidelines for diagnosis of ME

Clinical guidelines are important to diagnose any illness - maybe even more important for myalgic encephalomyelitis due to the current unsatisfactory state of treatment of ME sufferers. Click the picture on the left.