Invest in ME are committed to increasing awareness of the plight of people with ME and their families and are attempting to raise funds to support biomedical research, including education, research and other awareness activities.


Extemporaneous notes on severe ME from the 8th Invest in ME International ME Conference 2013 IIMEC8          Click here.



From the IiME Conference 2006 DVD - Severe ME as shown from Norwegian TV channel NRK's Puls programme.

IiME and Meridian ITV join forces to publish  the Meridian interview of ME patients. ME as it is - one of the best media pieces on ME. Click here. 



- Read Sophia's story, as told by her mother, Criona.
-Share thoughts of others - click here.
-See the ITV programme on Sophia-click here.
-The Inquest summary is here with translations into Danish, German & Spanish.

And what of Sophia? - from our May 2008 newsletter.



Sidsel Kreyberg

Caring for seriously ill ME-patients: A small survey

- (Invest in ME have helped in translation of this article from Norwegian to English and have been given permission to republish the article, which first appeared in Norsk Tidsskrift for Sykepleieforskning, 2007; 9: 2, 16-26).


Invest in ME is dedicated to raising awareness of the urgent need for biomedical research into ME/CFS and is involved in organising events which will educate, publicise, lobby and thus create funds for biomedical research activities. We seek a national/international strategy of biomedical research into ME.

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