The 5th Invest in ME  
International ME/CFS Conference 2010


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From Invest in ME

The 5th International ME/CFS Conference 2010 took place on 24th May 2010 in London and was attended by presenters and delegates from 18 countries and four continents (see Agenda).

We would like to thank you for attending the conference and contributing to another day showing the progress being achieved by biomedical research. Thank you for helping to create the wonderful and exciting atmosphere which was present during the conference. We know many of you travelled from afar and the conference was a success because of you.

This year the conference concentrated on education of healthcare professionals and left no one in doubt about the serious consequences of this illness. It also continued to show the promise and real hope of treatments for this illness based on science and proper investigations. We hope that everyone left not only with an enhanced knowledge gained from the conference but also with renewed hope for development of more treatments for myalgic encephalomyelitis.

To the presenters we extend our grateful thanks for the work you are doing. 

The breadth of knowledge, science and experience regarding ME, as discussed and presented at the conference, is not only impressive but also exciting. 

Some points about the conference arising from comments from delegates.

  • CPD accreditation is available for those professional delegates who attended and a web link will be posted shortly and notified to you.
  • Thank you for those feedback forms which were returned. We value and appreciate all the comments and feedback which we received and we shall use these to attempt to improve the conference for 2011 - where we hope to see many of you again. Please write in with your reviews of the conference or just to let us know what is happening with your experiences. 
  • Our Journal of IiME, together with the conference section, is available on our web site. If anyone has difficulties in obtaining it then please email

Invest in ME has produced a DVD of the conference , containing the complete presentations at the conference plus interviews and plenary session. This may be ordered via this link - click here.

We hope that the many contacts which were established at the conference will continue and we hope to remain in contact with as many of you as possible.

The conference for 2010 showed the urgent need for more funding for biomedical research and the sure progress being made by those committed professionals with a clear strategy for scientific advancement. 

Invest in ME Conference 2010

Picture copyright Regina Clos

So what's next?

For Invest in ME there are some new ideas we shall be working on in the next months.  Invest in ME will be continuing in its efforts to fund more biomedical research.

We shall also be working with our colleagues in the European ME Alliance.


During the conference weekend the EMEA held its AGM and we shall be continuing to work together on initiatives which will benefit patients in Europe and beyond.

We look forward to developments in treatments being progressed and hope that our continued lobbying will make the relevant authorities aware that only good science will prevail.

Please follow developments in our newsletters - which are free for everyone.


A full review of the conference will appear later in these pages.

Invest in ME published its Journal of IiME [click here] at the conference and abstracts of the conference presenters' presentations are included therein. 

Please use the links above to branch to different aspects of the conference.

We value and appreciate all the comments and feedback which we received and we shall use these to attempt to improve the conference for 2011.

Invest in ME would like to thank the two organisations who helped sponsor some of the speakers for the conference (see below).

We would also like to express our thanks for all of the support we received - both before and after the conference. Again you have made a difference.

Best Wishes from all at Invest in ME

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Thanks to those who helped the conference by being a sponsor