Further Invest in ME Letter to the Medical Research Council



IiME Newslett September 2016:

In February [1] Invest in ME wrote to the CEO of the Medical Research Council (MRC).
This followed our earlier statements on the PACE Trial and the withholding of data for independent review [2] and [3], or a complete retraction of the PACE Trial paper by the Lancet, and accountability by the principal investigators of the PACE Trial and those withholding the data from independent review.

We believed it was the duty of the MRC to comment on this subject, as funders of the trial.

Despite an assurance from Sir John Savill that this would be investigated Invest in ME has received no response.

These events and the lack of any consideration to people with ME and their families continually demonstrate to us how completely unaccountable to patients some of the establishment organisations seem to be.

This is just not acceptable.

We have therefore written again to Sir John - click on the link below.

Invest in ME Letter to MRC - September 2016

We will publish a response, if we receive one, on our web site.

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