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April 2015


Is a leaky gut and intestinal microbes a cause for myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome?

This IiME funded gut microbiota foundation project at UEA/IFR is now entering the phase where patients are being recruited and the study can begin on-site.
This follows a protracted R&D approval process.

Now the exciting part of the study is about to begin and the team are looking to recruit patients and healthy controls.
The patients are to be recruited at Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals.

What is the study about?
Leaky gut’ syndrome has been proposed to cause or contribute to the development of ME/CFS and its many symptoms.
Researchers can assess blood and stool samples for evidence of leaky gut by detecting the presence of microbes that may have ‘leaked’ from inside the gut into the general blood circulation.

What is involved? For Patients
Have you been diagnosed with ME/CFS?
The research team is seeking 140 ME/CFS patients to donate a one-off blood and stool sample To take part, patients must have been diagnosed with ME/CFS by Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals and be without significant anxiety and depression.
You will only be required to make two visits to this hospital.
The first to give your consent, at which point you’ll receive a stool sampling kit. The second visit will allow you to return your stool sample and have your blood taken .

You may also ask for the study documents at reception.
You will receive a patient information sheet describing in further detail what is required to take part and instructions to arrange an appointment.

For more information about the study please email consultant Dr Amolak Bansal or Jacqueline Cunningham
or telephone: 0208 296 4151
Please insert ‘Leaky Gut Project’ into the subject heading of your email

What is involved? For Healthy Volunteers
The team is seeking 35 healthy volunteers to donate a blood sample, as part of the study to help identify causes for the symptoms of ME.
Please refer to the details on the poster below (click on the image to the right).
You can request further information, given in a specific healthy volunteer sheet available at reception or by emailing using this email address
or call 07943149314
Please include ‘volunteer’ in the email subject heading

As part of the research ethics approval submission the team have produced two study posters for patients and healthy volunteers.

Details of the IiME funded projects at UEA/IFR are available here.
The team will also approach BBC Surrey about the project – BBC Norfolk have already been in contact.

Click on the images below to see the posters


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April 2015