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IiME Newslett:

March 2015


Invest in ME are pleased to announce that our European ME Alliance partners, the Irish ME Trust (IMET), have donated to the Invest in ME Biomedical Research Fund (BRF).
These funds will help us with the work being performed by the IFR/UEA researchers in collaboration with Professor Angela Vincent at Oxford University [click here]. The work involves live neuron experiments.

This is very topical in light of the clues from the Norwegian rituximab trials as well as recent research that has come from the Chronic Fatigue Initiative funded by the Hutchins Family Foundation. These studies published by Hornig et al include a serum and a cerebrospinal fluid study.
The abstract of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) study states -

"Our results indicate a markedly disturbed immune signature in the cerebrospinal fluid of cases that is consistent with immune activation in the central nervous system, and a shift toward an allergic or T helper type-2 pattern associated with autoimmunity."

The donation from IMET continues their support for IiME as we enter our tenth year as a charity.
From the beginning of IiME's existence as a charity IMET have been good friends. IMET were a founder member of the European ME Alliance and have been a constant source for progress in researching ME.

Support for IiME from Irish organisations as well as individuals has been consistent and amazingly generous over the years.

Last year Tom Kindlon conveyed to us the decision of the Irish ME/CFS Association to donate a substantial amount to the IiME Biomedical Research Fund (as featured in our April 2014 newsletter). This allowed IiME to continue to build the foundation of biomedical research that is now moving things on.

These donations have consolidated the research efforts at the Norwich Research Park where we now have a unique opportunity to establish for good our Centre of Excellence for ME using high-quality biomedical research and state-of-the-art research and treatment facilities.

Also we recently received an anonymous donation of 1000 to the rituximab trial project from N.Ireland which now brings the total raised to 374,000.
We also must not forget the other fundraising efforts and support - such as those from Noreen Murphy, Mary Cardwell, Sally Burch and, of course, Valerie Moody - and many others

IiME have tried to facilitate research in Ireland (north and south) by extending invitations to our BRMEC5 Colloquium to researchers in Irish academic institutions. In this way we hope to raise awareness and initiate contacts which may lead to participation in our strategy of biomedical research by creating collaborative projects.
More work is being done there and we continue our efforts to link in more researchers to our research strategy and projects.



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March 2015