A Summary from the BRMEC4/IIMEC9 Conference Events 2014

Summary by Professor Jonathan Edwards

The Invest in ME Biomedical Research for ME Colloquium Meeting (BRMEC4) was held on 29th May 2014 in London and was the charity’s fourth research meeting.

The charity organises and hosts the Colloquium prior to its annual international biomedical research conference every year. The objectives are:


To present the status of the latest initiatives occurring in biomedical research into ME


Review experiences and expertise from other research areas in order to assist ME research


To generate new ideas regarding research into ME and assess research strategies for ME research


To discuss and explore the possibilities for collaboration and for funding for biomedical research into ME


Promising developments have been initiated in recent years which have created important possibilities for changing the way that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is researched and the way that patients are treated.

High-quality research by an impressive group of researchers and physicians, with an emphasis on international collaboration – these are the aims of Invest in ME and it is our intention to continue to facilitate this and encourage new scientific research endeavours to understand the pathogenesis of ME.

The Colloquium/Conference Summary is a document produced by the charity to aid healthcare professionals in becoming aware of the developments in ME research - many of which have been initiated by patients.

We have also included the Bansal Score Chart - from Dr Amolak Bansal's IIMEC9 presentation - which is meant to provide a simple way for guiding GPs in possible diagnosis of ME.

The charity is happy to provide the printed version of this document to help patients in their dealings with GPs and other healthcare staff.

Please contact Invest in ME for more details.


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July 2014