Invest in ME Statement

ME Awareness Month

Burst Our Bubble


for May 2011

People who suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) are forced to live in a bubble

A bubble formed from

  • Misinformation

  • Medical ignorance

  • Misdiagnosis

  • Discrimination

  • No funding for biomedical research

  • Government apathy

  • Isolation

For ME Awareness Month 2011 we ask for support to raise awareness of these issues by distributing our leaflets to all healthcare providers, politicians, journalists and to family, friends and others.


Burst Our Bubble

Download our Awareness Poster (in black or white versions) and distribute for ME Awareness Month
(click on the image below)
Invest in ME will also be sending out these as leaflets during ME Awareness Month. We are happy to provide leaflets to groups and to support awareness campaigns (if we have the financial resources to do so)
ME Awareness wristbands are available to support biomedical research into ME.

Invest in ME

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The Way Forward for ME - A Case for Clinical Trials

6th International ME/CFS Conference

20th May 2011 Westminster, London


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