Thanks to extraordinary efforts, visionary ideas, tremendous generosity and sheer hard work and dedication patients and their carers and families and friends have helped initiate the foundation project for a start on biomedical research into ME, beginning the first element in a proposal to establish an examination and research facility for ME in the UK.

So, what next?

After the conference we will set out the next plans for implementing our proposal for an examination and research facility and have more details of the foundation project.

We want severely affected patients to be involved in studies.

We have more research proposals which we have discussed already and hope to be able to propose.

We shall discuss with our colleagues in the LDIFME campaign.

There are already promising signs that we can make further progress.

For a day or a week, though, all of our supporters should congratulate themselves on achieving this first step. Well done - and thank you.

More details will appear here shortly and in our newsletter.

Let's Do It For ME


Let's do it for ME! is a patient-driven campaign to raise awareness and vital funds for a UK centre of excellence for translational biomedical ME research, clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients, training and information for healthcare staff, based around the Norwich Research Park in the UK and aiming to work collaboratively with international biomedical researchers.




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May 2013