Invest in ME aim to facilitate and organise research events which enable progress to be made in developing treatments/cures for ME.

Listed below are these events.


International ME Conferences

The Invest in ME International ME Conferences are CPD accredited biomedical conferences which provide a platform for the latest information and biomedical research on myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Invest in ME began the conferences in 2006 and they are now an annual event in May. The conferences attract some of the most renowned speakers from all over the world and are valuable sources of education and information for healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, researchers, ME support groups and people with ME and enable an excellent insight into these areas and the issues currently facing the healthcare and ME patient communities.

Use the links below to see reviews of all of the IiME conferences.

The Invest in ME  INTERNATIONAL ME Conferences

 in London


IIMEC10 2015

London, 29th May 2015


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IIMEC9 2014

London, 30th May 2014


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IIMEC8 2013

London, 31st May 2013


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IIMEC7 2012

London, 1st June 2012


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IIMEC6 2011

London, 20th May 2011


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IIMEC5 2010

London, 24th May 2010


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IIMEC4 2009

London, 29th May 2009


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IIMEC3 2008

London, 23rd May 2008


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IIMEC2 2007

London, 1-2nd May 2007


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IIMEC1 2006

London, 12th May 2006


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Biomedical Research into ME Colloquiums


In May 2011 at the IIMEC6 conference weekend included a new IiME idea - the “Corridor Conference” - with clinicians and researchers discussing amongst themselves ways to collaborate, discuss issues and generally to progress knowledge and opportunities for research.

" researchers who were presenting at the conference, and a few others who were attending, were gathered together to discuss their current research and to look at opportunities for ongoing collaboration. This was a “closed” meeting, but I was lucky to be able to go along as an observer.  Much of the research discussed was embargoed for any mention here, as is still awaiting publication.  However we were fortunate to have a fascinating 30 minute talk from Professor Burnstock on his theories and research on purine signalling.  This talk was repeated the following day at the conference (see below).  I was glad to be able to hear it twice as it was complex biochemically.  This could have much relevance in ME/CFS.  All the researchers were keen to have ongoing contact with a view to collaboration." - from Ros Vallings' IIMEC8 conference report


In May 2012 the charity and the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation of Australia organised and hosted the first Clinical Autoimmunity Working Group for ME in London –


In May 2013 the Biomedical Research into ME Collaborative meeting was held in London with 40 researchers from 9 countries attending, prior to the IIMEC8 Invest in ME International ME Conference 2013 - 


On 29th May 2014 the Biomedical Research into ME Collaborative meeting 4 will take place in London with international researchers from countries across the world attending and discussing the initiatives currently going on and those planned. Synergising Research into ME -  


Announced for 28th May 2015 in London.


International ME Conference DVDs

For details of purchasing the DVDs of the conferences, containing the entire presentations, please go to this page.


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There is also the Let's do it for ME! is a patient-driven campaign to raise awareness and vital funds for a UK centre of excellence for translational biomedical ME research, clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment for patients, training and information for healthcare staff, based around the Norwich Research Park in the UK and aiming to work collaboratively with international biomedical researchers.

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