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Please note that this campaign has been superseded by the Election 2010 page - click here


Invest in ME is asking for all ME sufferers and/or parents/carers of ME sufferers to join with us in a ME and MY MP campaign to raise more awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and ask all MPs for their support both inside parliament and outside in their constituencies.

This will give us an indication of the support we are likely to have in Westminster. It doesn't matter if more than one person writes from the same constituency - the more the merrier.

The objective is to get a response for each of the constituencies in the UK. With the call for an independent inquiry into ME (see the Gibson Inquiry page) the more support we can get the better.

Steps to take to join the ME and MY MP campaign

1. Take a copy of our draft letter and customise for your MP you see fit.
If you have a different letter then send us a copy and we'll add this to our site.
To copy our template letter click here.
2. Determine the MP for your constituency (click here) and find their email address/constituency address.  Here you will also find out details about your MP and a link to the personal web site of the MP for your constituency.
You can also look here to find your MP - type postcode or member name.
3. Send off your letter to your MP - send us a copy too - email us via this contact link.
4. If you get a reply please contact us with details - we'll collate the statistics on this and update these pages. A statistics page is provided showing the range of response across the UK.



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See the status of MP responses              by constituency - click here


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David Cameron responds to mother of ME sufferer's letter - see press release.